I love our community. I have spent most of my life here. I live in south Marion County, in the home I grew up in, with my husband Jeff.  All three of our kids went to our local public schools and graduated from Sprague High School.  My family is the very best part of my life and my motivation to work for the values of family, freedom, and life. A community where people are valued, choices are given, and dreams can be achieved.

After graduating from Sprague high school, I left Salem, attended Seattle Pacific University and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Sociology. I was off to see the world. But life is funny. Several years after graduating from college I met Jeff Boles. Ironically he went to my high school, but we didn’t cross paths until nearly ten years after he graduated. We both obtained Masters Degrees in Public Policy and decided to move home. We’ve been married for 23 years and it turns out what we heard growing up is true - Salem is a great place to work and live and raise a family.

Together we have spent many years supporting our community. Raising money for schools and activities and serving in the parent club. Coaching at the Boys and Girls club and serving with Greater Salem Younglife. So many fundraisers and community events and performances. Supporting nonprofits such as Liberty House, Marion County Reentry, Salem Leadership Foundation, and the Union Gospel Mission that have greater expertise than I to meet the needs of our neighbors. I served for many years as a member of the Oregon Right to Life Pac Board, supporting candidates and policies that protect life and support women. Currently, I serve on the Marion County Budget Committee which has given me firsthand experience and knowledge of this extensive government we have affecting our everyday lives.

I spent many years working in the legislature with Rep. Kevin Cameron. Significant time was invested in helping constituents navigate through government and seek solutions. When crisis came, our office was uniquely poised to help in real ways. Times when the tornado hit Aumsville and floods overcame Turner and portions of Salem. Bringing agencies and nonprofits and people together is something I am good at.  Government isn’t the only solution but many time is part of the solution.  We need good government.

I was privileged to be appointed in 2014 and to serve as State Representative for the people in House District 19.  During my time in this role I was a member of the House Judiciary Committee, Rural Communities Committee, and Transportation and Economic Development Committee. I introduced and passed a significant piece of legislation that changed the law raising the penalties for video voyeurism from a misdemeanor to a felony. I experienced what a coalition in this community can accomplish - advocates, the Marion County District Attorney’s office, and a passionate legislator who knew how to move good ideas through the Capitol.

Currently, I work in community relations for Salem Health, the largest private employer in Marion County and a true community hospital. This experience has given me a close up view of healthcare and how it impacts our community.

We live in a special place. I look forward to the opportunity to take my years of experience and leadership to advocate for you at as a representative for House District 19.