Marion County is home. Most of my significant moments happened here. I graduated from Sprague High School. Sought higher education elsewhere, but ultimately married the "boy next door" and had my babies at Salem Hospital. We raised our three kids, Maggie (20), Michael (19), and Anna (17) and I found my professional voice and passion. This community is woven into my heart.

Leadership matters.  Despite our frustrations, we have a system of government that allows us to be heard. That's why I’ve spent much of my life encouraging and supporting good people running for office -mayor, city council, school board, legislature, congress - people with experience and passion to advocate for their community. Community leadership is more than elective office. It’s about serving where you live.

I have lived and served in House District 19 nearly all my life.  I love it here.  I love our state.  We have a lot of work to do to affect positive change for Oregon.  I have no illusions about the difficulty we face in doing so, but I am ready to work hard for you and the ideals we hold.  I believe my experience and voice can make an impact in the legislature and our community.

Government isn’t always the solution to problems, but many times it’s a part of the solution. It can play a key role in bringing people together to address issues. I am good at building partnerships. As state representative, I can be an advocate and a catalyst for change in our community.  I am asking for the opportunity to lend my skills and experiences to make our community stronger.


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