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Denyc Boles passion for Marion County reaches back to childhood. Growing up in rural south Salem, in the region represented by Senate District 10, she picked strawberries and worked in the local cannery in the summer before graduating from Sprague High School. She then attained a Bachelor’s degree in political science & sociology from Seattle Pacific University and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Regent University.

Despite going to school out of state, Denyc has spent most of her life in the areas represented by Senate District 10. She now lives in the home she grew up in with her husband, fellow Sprague graduate Jeff Boles, and was the hub of many activities as they raised their three children, Maggie (23), Michael (21), and Anna (20).

Over the years she has owned and operated several small businesses, served as staff in the Oregon legislature and advocated for Salem Health. She has no illusions about the difficulty we face in our effort to improve our state, but believes that with faith, hard work, and experienced leadership we can make an impact in the legislature and our communities through positive partnerships.

She knows firsthand the power of building a community from fundraising for her child’s schools and activities to coaching at Boys and Girls Club, serving Greater Salem Young Life, and contributing as a citizen to the Marion County Budget Committee. Her years of community service paired with many years of legislative experience make her an effective member of the Legislature. She is thankful for the tremendous honor to represent you in the Oregon Senate.

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Denyc Boles
Denyc Boles
I’ve been thinking a whole lot about my next steps. Oregon is a tough place for common sense conservatives. But we can’t give up. My family is in this for the long haul to serve and protect our community. Join us. 🇺🇸

***Felt the need to add this clarification - This isn’t an announcement of sorts. It’s simply a statement that the Boles family is not intimidated or fearful by the challenges Oregon is facing. We all have a place in this battle. I encourage you to find yours. We live in a hurting world and I imagine we’re weary. But I live a life filled with hope and I refuse to allow the darkness to overcome it. The people in our community and state need people with hope, encouragement, and a willingness to work towards good things. This is still the land of the free and home of the brave. Be brave.
Denyc Boles
Denyc Boles
This is beyond unacceptable. This is completely on the shoulders of Governor Brown, the Oregon Health Authority and the Department of Human Services. The Oregon Legislature should demand results.
Denyc Boles
Denyc Boles
I’ve been involved, in some capacity, in the Oregon political process my entire adult life. The level of disgust, despair, and flat out grief that I feel today is unprecedented. #prayingfororegon
Denyc Boles
Denyc Boles
I guess the greatest generation and their children need to keep sacrificing. If I believed this move would get our kids to in person school, I still don’t agree with putting the most vulnerable to this disease down the priority list, but I could understand the decision. But I don’t believe at the end of the day it will get kids in schools. We are already hearing about district protests and opening dates being pushed out from across the state. And that, my friends, is a travesty.

Oregon is getting crushed under this leadership and the repercussions will be felt for generations.
Denyc Boles
Denyc Boles
Special session of Salem Keizer School Board tomorrow. On the agenda is an update on return to school. Hopefully in person. It’s worth listening in on.

I listened to last weeks school board meeting today. And I was shocked at the public comments. I get extreme frustration. There are a lot of reasons to be angry. But the rhetoric was horrifying and as a former member of the Oregon legislative assembly, would have never been tolerated in a public hearing.

God bless our elected leaders. Whether I agree with them or not, they have volunteered for a largely thankless job. We can be kinder.
Denyc Boles
Denyc Boles
I so desperately want our kids back in school, playing sports, participating in music and drama. But 90% of our seniors are the ones that die from this disease. I do not understand why Governor Browns policies don’t reflect this. Prioritize seniors, open schools, gyms, restaurants etc. I don’t get it. Science does not back up these policies. It’s just politics. Plain and simple. 😞


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