Agriculture is the heart and soul of Marion County. I grew up picking berries, working in the cannery, “putting up” peaches, strawberries, applesauce, and more, for the winter. When I was a college student in Seattle, I asked my employer where she got her strawberries. I was expecting directions to a local farm or even a farmers market. She looked at me blankly and said...Safeway. That’s when I began to realize the uniqueness of the place where I was raised. I believe we need to continue to support our family farms and help navigate the myriad of issues that affect them.

Safe Communities

Keeping our homes and families safe is a team effort. Providing a safe place for families to live, work and play is a primary function of the state government.  Partnerships with key leaders and organizations in Marion County are important, and I have strong relationships and working understanding of projects and efforts that address public safety issues.   If elected, I will advocate for adequate funding and work towards innovative solutions to make sure our communities remain safe.

Strong Schools

Oregon parents are losing confidence in our public school system. Our schools rank among the worst in the nation for graduation rates.  I have been alarmed by the declining rate of graduation, increased dropout rates, and defeat that many of our students experience.  This can be in the midst of an engaged community, passionate teachers, and strong administrators.  We have walked our three kids through the Oregon public school system.  The challenges that they faced, their friends, their teachers, and coaches are real.   We need to make student achievement our top priority, explore and invest in paths other than traditional college, and ensure our money is spent where it’s needed most—in the classroom.

Jobs and Employment

Government needs to get out of the way of those in our community that create jobs and employ people.  Whether that is streamlining the permitting process or reducing regulations and other bureaucratic barriers, government can help create an environment that allows entrepreneurs and small business to flourish.  Too many regulations and excessive taxes and fees are stifling Oregon businesses and keeping them from succeeding.  I will work against burdensome regulations and higher tax obligations so we can allow our businesses to create jobs and remain working in Oregon.


Control Government Spending

We have a spending problem at the state level. Those representing us  need to live within their means just as our families live within theirs.   Once we get our spending problem contained, we can produce an economic climate at the state level that helps our schools, families and businesses.